Our contour wrap removes cellulite by targeting and removing toxins trapped in the connective tissue, this wrap will increase the skin's elasticity and improves skin's firmness, it also tightens and tone the body.

The Contour Wrap promotes healthy and permanent inch loss of 4 to 14 inches per treatment while maintaining proper hydration. This wrap is not a water-loss wrap the inches loss will be permanent with a healthy diet and exercise. We offer add on products to help with your goals such as the Total Body Cleanse, Detoxification Kit, Intestinal Cleanse, Multi Vitamins, Daily Antioxidants and more. We want to help with not only weight management but to get your body healthy. Our all natural organic products will get you started. Clients can have 1 body wrap every 3-4 days by a certified technician

Wrap treatments will not be performed on clients who are pregnant or nursing, someone who has been in remission from cancer for less than 2 years and those on blood thinning medications such as Coumadin and those taking anti-seizure medications. A consultation should be scheduled 1 week before your body wrap

Contour Body Wrap - $125 per treatment                          Contour Body Wrap Package - $360 for 3 

Savings of $35 per package

Packages can be purchased at your consultation appointment

Infared Therapy Wrap

Our new Infared Therapy wrap helps to eliminate fat cells and toxins in the body, it helps to speed up the metabolism as well as induce circulation within the body, draining fat cells and waist through your natural lymphatic system, The infared light tightens skin for a more contoured toned appearance. This treatment will also be a great add on to any other body contouring service.
Add on to any contour service for $50
$95  for 1 treatment
$275 for 3 treatments