Wedding Day Waxing!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and as a bride you want everything to go just perfect including your Bikini wax. Now for those Brides who are already a pro at waxing this post may not be for you, but a refresher course never hurts.

If you have never waxed the area before and your growing your hair out from shaving, the closer to the big day the better. Your hair has become used to other hair-removal methods such as shaving, which results in uneven growth until it adapts to the waxing cycle, so in other words let it get a little long ladies. If you have waxed before, two to three days before the big day is ideal, it will allow any irritation that can occur to settle and still be on point for the Honeymoon. As we all know you have to be hair free for the Honeymoon. I suggest waxing underarms and legs as well. Also, if you're going to have a trial wax, I would recommend doing so one month prior to your wedding day. This allows you time to rehydrate your skin for a more effective wax just before your wedding day for a longer period of smooth skin through your honeymoon.

There are lots of rules we can go over but let's stick to the important ones. If you tan often, have a wax first, then allow a day or two before soaking up some sun or getting a spray tan. Remeber ladies Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen, I can't stress this enough. Although procedures like microdermabrasion does remove dead skin cells, which is ideal before you wax, allow about two days before waxing to allow the skin to heal if you have had microderm or any type of peels. If you are having any chemical treatment or using a topical acne treatment, consult your doctor or Waxologist before your service. Also, you should absolutely not drink alcohol or any caffeine before the wax. Drinking tightens your pores and caffeine can highten your sensitivity, which could make the hair more difficult to remove and your experience uncomfortable. Usually a few pain releivers 30 minutes before your appointment can alleviate discomfort. And, finally, if you are very sensitive during your menstrual cycle, wax either a week before or after those days.

To maintain your wax results and to promote healthy skin keeping the skin hydrated is essential for making your service last. Drink lots of water to hydrate from the inside out, and use a great daily moisturizer to lock in moisture. Exfoliating the day prior to a wax also assists in hair removal. You also need to exfoliate two to three times per week to remove dead skin and keep ingrown hairs at bay. If you are prone to ingrown hairs it's best to get an ingrown hair serum from your Waxologist and follow the instructions. Your wedding day will be perfect just talk to your skincare specialist and plan ahead and, Voila Wedding Day Bliss!

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