Specialty Services 

​The Butt Lift
​ 60 min - $150

This treatment keeps your skin visible of blemishes or breakouts, flawless and radiant,  while using radio frequency and vacuum therapy to tighten, tone and lift the butt. See noticeable results on your first treatment.


Vixen Butt Lift

120 Min - $210

This  treatment will lift, tone, and plump your butt. We use various techniques such as wood therapy, radio frequency, and vacuum therapy for maximum butt plumping results


Breast Lift

40 min - $85

This treatment uses vacuum therapy to distribute and plump breast tissue.

The Vagacial
45 min - $65

This treatment is a facial for the vagina area. The Vajacial maintains skin health in your nether regions. Extractions are done to get rid of pesky ingrown hairs and bumps. We cleanse, exfoliate, extract, apply a mask, serum, and moisturizer to keep skin blemish free. Try our brightening peels to lighten dark areas and fade marks caused by razor burn.

The Pretty Kitty

45 min - $94

Brazilian wax and Vajacial treatment. We use steam to open up pores, a deep cleanse with extractions, high frequency is used with serums and masks to help eliminate bumping, discoloration, to give the skin a healthy glow

FBS (Flawless Backside)

Get a flawless backside as we combine a back facial and the pretty peach facial to get rid of blemishes, back or butt imperfections and hyperpigmentation. A combination of skincare products keep skin hydrated, glowing and beautiful.

60 min. - $120
Pretty Peach
45 min - $65

Keep your derriere beautiful and clear with our Fanny Facial. Whether you have bumps, hyper-pigmentation, or you just want a smooth, beautiful booty we have got you covered.  Book your fanny facial today!

Cellulite Treatment

Butt ...........  $100 per treatment (6-12 recommended)

Thighs ....... $135 per treatment

**packages are available**

Get a smother appearance after a

few treatments. Radio Frequency,

Vacuum, and Ultrasonic probes are

used to smooth, sculpt and get rid of dimples.

Bikini Bright Lightening Treatment ..........  $50

Anal Lightening  Treatment..........  $40

Underarm Lightening Peel ............ $40

Nipple Lightening Treatment............. $30

Inner Thigh Treatment .................... $45


Take home lightener is recommended for best results 

Flawless Pitts

Flawless pitts is a facial treatment to help with bumping, discoloration and overall skin health for the underarms.

This service includes underarm wax.... $55

Lightening Treatments

Specialty Packages

P.Y.T - Pretty Young Thing: Vagacial, Pretty peach, and V-Steam $180

The Purr-fect Kitty: Brazilian wax, Vagacial, Balance V-Steam $145

The Carrie Bradshaw (Sex & The City): Brazilian wax, Vagacial, Perfect pitts, V-Steam  $210


Balance Steam: Balance your body with a special blend of herbs $70

Detox Steam: Detox uterine lining and walls with a special blend of herbs $70

**DO NOT STEAM if you are pregnant or think you are pregnant, if you are on your cycle, if you have an IUD, infection, STD, herpes breakout, sores, or blisters. Please remove any piercings before steaming**