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It's Peel Season

The beginning of fall is the best time for skin peeling — deep exfoliation treatments. It is because there’s less sun exposure to worry about, making the season safer for stronger enzyme peels and chemical peels. These treatments exfoliate away the weathered layers of summer skin to reveal that enviable autumn glow. This season also comes before the harsh winter months when skin becomes too dry or compromised for a peel. Peel season marks the time of renewal and positive change to our skin.

Exfoliation gives your skin room to breathe by getting rid of dead cells. Visit a Pure Wax esthetician who’s experienced in skin peeling and give your skin some love.

More people need to know about the value of skin peeling. It's not just about looking good but staying healthy too. It keeps us looking good when our skin receives proper care, it boosts our appearance. And when we look good, we feel good.

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