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Why We Prefer Fajas

We are all about giving you the best experience when doing non-invasive body sculpting. With body sculpting or contouring you are required to wear a body garment to help shape and sculpt your body. What we have come to realize is that fajas are better than waist trainers unless you are already shaped and slimmed down. If you notice with a waist trainer you can start to bulge in your back and underarm area as well as the lower abdomen.

The reason why some people experience back fat bulge when waist training is simple. The high compression of the waist slimming garment pushes the soft tissue on your body; it shifts to above the waist trainer, below it, or both, depending on your body type. This causes the unwanted back fat bulge and the fupa or lower abdominal pouch which can be annoying even if it's somewhat small. This is why we prefer

fajas because you will get full body compression without the bulge.

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